Posted by: Pucadyil | February 25, 2014


The gallery was crowded. Excited noises were all around me as people moved around peeking at the paintings on the wall. They were waiting for the hall to the right of where we stood to be opened. It was rumored that a new line of pink Budhas were being opened for exhibition and sale.

I was with a few friends, all known connoisseurs of modern art. In fact they were a few who had the foresight to buy the early work of the artist. They would occasionally hint that they were sitting on gold mines, the way the work was being picked up now.

 “It will easily hit a million any day” the older guy said.

 “ Million is nothing. You aint seen nothin yet” said the lean, hungry looking one.

 “Why, what is happening now?” I asked.

 “She is now working on a line of transparent Budhas. Once they come into the market, the price will hit the roof”

 “That is brilliant!” I exclaimed.

 The lean one looked at me pityingly. “ Brilliant? You cannot even see them”

 I was lost. “If you cannot see them, how do you appreciate them and say clever things?”

 “Simple. You just feel the presence of the enlightened one”





  1. Good to see you back after a long time.
    Expects more.

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