Posted by: Pucadyil | April 21, 2013


Alstonia Scolaris, Saptaparni to you and me
of lenticellate branchlets and scented night blooms,
of seven fingered leaves in imperfect whorls,
haunt of the Yakshis in their nocturnal prowls.
The leaves nodded to me and spoke of the night
of a recent visitation when she sat on these branches
breaking her journey from the temple to the forest
hair flying in the wind, eyes pools of death
and told stories of blood, lust and destruction
of maniacal desire and many faces of death
to the wind, which shivered and wailed in the night
came back and whispered them to the leaves
which trembled in frenetic frenzy, yet asked for more
tales from the Yakshi who sat on its branches


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