Posted by: Pucadyil | February 22, 2011

Song of the Stray Electron

Transient in birth, quirk of a cosmic photon
trapped in this shell made of steel and viton
dreading my fate, the burial in steel, I thought
I could hear the distant mind say, ‘Begin the shot’!
and I realized that my predestined part
was that I should kindle the starfire in Bhat
Stroked by the tendrils of the induction field,
decreed by Lenz and Faraday, to yield
and start my free fall, inertia and all
round and round, away from the silvery wall
caught in the clasp of this magnetic maze
survival of the fastest is the secret of this race
By now, we are a crowd, those who started late
have also joined the race, given the mandate
to jostle the atoms, excite a few.
Deep in the torus is the shade of a glow
before the distant mind could say avalanche
we have gone forth and multiplied in revanche
companions freed from the bondage a la Bohr
collective consciousness begin to soar
the transient surge over, transformer will soon tire
Catch the impure, burn them in our fire.
Break through the barriers, radiation and others
soar to the flat top, promised by the designers.
We dance, saw teeth and radiate
in a ring of fire, primeval, inchoate
you outside who listen to our heart beat
it shall not matter that we shall quench or disrupt
if only you would say in our obit
that, for a moment, we made a starlet.



  1. Dear Johny,
    It looks like I may have to study quantum mechanics! I enjoyed the poem.


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