Posted by: Pucadyil | February 15, 2011

Erase the Memories

Erase the memories, the tormentor of self
wind me back in time and recharge my innocence
denude me of knowledge of events of the past
and prescience of things waiting to happen
cast me back to the time when the mind
had no questions on the nature of the self
of what I am and whence and why I came
Let me not want to invent everything I can
And to lay bare all the secrets of the world
exhibit all achievements; catalogue virtues?
denude the forests and drain the sea’s bounty
Hold me back from building those towers
rising up in arrogance and taunting the sky
and bridges that span from shore to shore
and highways which break up the greens
Allow me to go back to what I was once
A child playing in the sand, an elf in the woods



  1. Your poetic utterance delineates a sense of pang and remembrance of things past. Somewhere clumsiness erupts but the impression brings the poetic mind to higher levels of reality. Keep on jotting down and if possible, publish some of them after reframing

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