Posted by: Pucadyil | February 3, 2010

The Church at Kothamangalam

In the flickering shadows cast by oil lamps
submerged in the murmurs of supplicant’s prayers
I sat in the old church, burdened with care
that comes of a lifetime of unanswered questions

I had passed by the church a number of times
when I was young and had lived in this town
the audacity of youth had all the answers
and no patience with unanswerable questions

An old woman comes in burdened with age
kneels down with care and lights a few candles
praying perhaps for someone she lost
or giving thanks for something received

Did she ever have my questions, I wonder
would she have known the pain of not knowing
the answers to questions that tumble from the mind
in a youth spent in searching for questions


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