Posted by: Pucadyil | February 3, 2010


You said that I was imagining things
implying slyly that with old age comes delusions
you shake your head as if admonishing a child;
be reasonable you say; behave!
What brought this about was, I recall,
my sudden remembrance of Jameela
as we were reaching my ancestral home
part of the rite of annual passage.
I remembered in fact a whole lot of people
much to the amusement of the gathered clan.
Many, I was told were dead and gone.
a few survive, I cannot recall the names.
Nobody recalls Jameela, despite my description
of springy hair and gentle, violet eyes
the fact that her brother was a friend
and other proofs dug up in desperation.
all denied vehemently, to my exasperation
On the way back, my wife asks why I fantasize
I have no answer, except to mumble
that Jameela to me was very real
as real as all remembered things


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