Posted by: Pucadyil | February 3, 2010


Imagine a time, eons into the future,
When humans travel beyond earth and capture
First the planets and later other suns
Finally filling the world with their sons.

Imagine the worldwide web in its race
To become the collective psyche of the race
Which for convenience, we can call
The e-man, or the emergent man

Imagine silicon progressively replacing
Carbon and ultimately disappearing
With time yielding the discovery
That space can as well be mind and memory.

Imagine that continuing evolution finds
That matter is of no further relevance
Since the world can be manipulated with ease
By mind, which is now another word for space.

Imagine the despair of the transcendent mind
Since it has nobody to talk to and find
That it has gone to the back of beyond
With its world-filling mind.

Imagine the eman in extreme despair
Seeking someone to talk to and care
And in a moment of desperate plight
Calling out, “Let there be Light!”


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