Posted by: Pucadyil | February 3, 2010

Feng Shui

The rocking chair where I sit and read the morning paper under the hanging lamp
has been moved to the other corner of the room, near the ramp.
I do not understand the reason, until my wife explains
that the position is far more auspicious, according to her book.
This also explains why there is a bunch of red flowers in the pot on the table
and a red sash tied to the bathroom window on the southern side.
On my bedside table on the east there is a huge, green pot
which comes in my way as I rummage in the morning to switch off the alarm.
Surely there is a better place for it, I beseech my wife;
to no avail as the book commands that the east needs green.
Spirits roam my house, if I were to believe the earnest urging,
looking for mischief and a corner to hide before pouncing.
The windchime giggles in constant merriment
as Chi, both good and bad tickle and tease it as they fly through the house.
Feng Shui reigns in the garden, green with bamboos,
and the jade plants tumble from pots trying to tickle the earth
You may say that I live a charmed life, in harmony with spirits
except that Feng Shui determines where I shall rest and repose.


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