Posted by: Pucadyil | February 2, 2010

Recovering the Past

Have you ever looked for an old letter or a photograph
in all that junk accumulated over the years
possessions once cherished and stored with care;
dusty, old diaries coming apart at the seams,
visiting cards you saved after long sought meetings,
conference bags, black, blue, in cloth and nylon,
tarnished coins collected in the years of wandering,
pound notes with the queen with her Mona Lisa smile,
children’s drawings which had evoked exclamations
of parental pride, preserved in brown envelopes.
You, dark haired and confident in family photographs
your wife in that tight kameez once thought a la mode
sepia now with age and the old gloss gone
a colour set with ink dried, rusty keys to forgotten doors
After a while you forget what started you on this
and start enjoying touching and feeling the past
preserved in old boxes tied with shoe laces
as you find everything except what you had sought


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