Posted by: Pucadyil | February 2, 2010

Google Map

On a Sunday afternoon, reluctant to take a nap
I opened the laptop, and the Google map
Few clicks on the keyboard and I scrolled down
Looking for familiar sights of my town

Someone had clearly marked the old bridge
On the familiar creek, by the compound’s edge
With the moss painting everything green
The river was a thick line, of dark sheen

East of the river was the land where we played
Now marked out in plots, buildings and glade
The paddy fields to the west, silent and vast
Still wore a veil of emerald as in the past

Memories, now lambent and I swear I have seen
Me and my brothers running down the green
Cackling with laughter in anticipation
Of an afternoon of joyful celebration

The rite of jumping into the river with a splash
And of clambering on to the bridge in a flash
Naked as newborns diving into the stream
Tumbling and falling and an occasional scream

How I wished I could sit with my brothers
Huddled around the screen which now tethers
Me to my childhood and the memories lost
And recall the events that make up the past.


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