Posted by: Pucadyil | February 2, 2010


Origins of beliefs are intangible, elusive
formless shadows, glimmering mist
trace a belief back to a time decisive
long before antiquity, the beginnings are lost

Beliefs may have, for all one knows
sprung up from imagined fears
going back to when human thought arose
fiction transformed into faith and conviction

Are these then the pact that we make
with our past to cherish as long as we live?
Is that the reason we burn on the stake
or on a cross, chanting what we believe?

If these bonds to distant times are our brace
for the compact of beliefs that define us
there are ties that bind us to many a place
that our forefathers walked in their restless paces

We do not know the origins of our beliefs
nor do we know whence we came hither
Is it then strange that we are confused
and do not know where we are going either?


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