Posted by: Pucadyil | February 2, 2010

An Ode to ITER

In the rocky wilderness of Cadarache
wizards from seven lands will converge
to build a great temple to Prometheus
with a replica of sun, bound in a torus.

Here we remember the lifetimes spent
in incessant search hoping to invent
methods and models and designs perfect
of the temple that would one day be built

Pinches, mirrors, torii, traps so diverse,
pellets of ice to be lit by lasers;
fusion in bubbles and alchemist’s jars
chasing the dreams that remind you of stars

Remember too then the furious fights
on selecting the most auspicious site
and the rules, protocols, none too simple
for tending the sacred fire in the temple.

Here we will spin the magnetic web
and hold the plasma as storms rise and ebb
lighter than mist and purer than pure
hotter than sun for the nuclear fire.

Centuries hence new myths will go forth
of how man brought the sun to the earth
and how Prometheus was finally freed
not by the gods but by human spirit.



  1. […] al paridel camembert.  A dispetto di tutto ciò, il cantiere di Cadarache ha già ispirato versi di sapore prometeico a Pucadyil Ittoop John, un fisico del plasma che rappresenta l’India […]

  2. Hello Sir,

    This is a wonderful poem with unbeatable reference to the Sun,Prometheus and fusion. Thanks for sharing it.

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